Submissive (Chapter 2)



Written by: Moye Esther

Chapter 2✍️

Dolly sat still, eyes nonblinking as she tried hard to fight back the tears. "And I told you not to marry him", she heard her granny say to her mum.

She really hates him. The reason why she became who she is. She won't mind killing him over and over and over again.

She abruptly stood up from the dining chair, startling her granny and mum from the sound made. "I'll be back", she announced with a low voice.
"Where are you going to?" Her mum asked with a loud voice but Dolly was gone even before her mum completed the question.

Evan continued picking his food at the family dinner while listening to his immediate family and extended ones' chatter away. He wished to join in the chattering but he just wasn't that way.

Every last Saturday of the month, Evan's family, together with his uncles, aunties, and cousins met. They do this to tighten the family bond and to discuss important issues, still over dinner.

Evan felt so left out. His siblings were obviously having fun but he just didn't feel like being there. He stood up and went out.

He opted to taking a walk around the street, instead of remaining bored. After walking for a short distance, he stumble across a club and went in in the hope of having a little bit of fun.

Once he got in, the sound from the blaring speaker got to him first, followed by the noises of drunk youths. He scrunched his face in disgust as he sighted some people making out, right there in public.

He went to the bar and ordered a nonalcoholic drink. The barman laughed him off, offering him a mixture of strong alcoholic drinks but of course, Evan had no choice but to accept it.

As he poured the content in his mouth, he squeezed his face as it burnt his throat. After a while, he ordered another shot, and soon, he was dead drunk. He tried standing up but fell back on his seat when he collided with another body.

Dolly entered the club she had found while taking a walk and ordered a drink immediately. She drinks a lot and not even 20 shots could get her drunk.

When she felt she's had enough, she stood up to go but collided on a body. A very hard one which showed the advantage of working out.

Her lips were slightly apart as she saw him. He was tall and broad. His shirt which was slightly open showed how hard his chest is. She knew without a doubt that there would be the complete number of abs, or even more. His skin was fair, almost white. His lips so red that looked like it would burst anytime soon. His hair is brown and curly as she imagined what it will feel like to brush her fingers through it.

Her breathing hitched as she saw his ocean blue eyes piercing into hers. She really doesn't understand what this feeling is but it wasn't a good one at all.

Evan couldn't believe what his eyes saw. He was seeing an angel. He thought been drunk was the reason he was seeing an angel on earth but when he rubbed his eyes and found her still there, he realized she's indeed human.

Evan's eyes traveled down Dolly's face, stopping at her lips as she grew hot. She doesn't know what this stranger is doing to her. Evan moved closer to her, covering up the space between them, and did just one thing that came to his mind.