Pinky Promise (Prologue)


Pinky Promise (Prologue)

Though they were little.
Samantha was just 10 years old while Bryan was 13 years old...They were best of friends until their friendship changed to little romance...
Any cute move Samantha make,Bryan would kiss her either at the cheek, nose, or head.

Until a day that Bryan's parents decided to leave for Korea,
Before the day they left....Bryan and Samantha spent the day together until Bryan proposed marriage to Samantha.

Bryan plucked out a red beautiful rose from a nearby bush and knelt down,
"That's how they do in movies right?"Bryan thought.

"Samantha, when am back I promise to marry you,"Bryan said with a sad pout as he stretched the rose with his small hands while Samantha accepted the rose and brought out her fingers.

"Pinky promise"
Bryan smiled as he wrapped his pinky finger together with hers.

"Pinky promise"Bryan promised.
Then the next day Bryan and his family left.


Samantha waited and waited but Bryan never came back.
"He promised me"Samantha clenched her fist.

But destiny has a way of playing games.
Samantha was given a scholarship in Korea best school: Twinkling high school.
Where she met Bryan but they didn't recognize each other and the worst part is that Bryan hated her at first sight because of her arrogancy and sharp mouth.

But would they fall in love again?
Are they really meant to be?

Find out
Highschool story