My Stubborn Maid (She’s Mine Chapter Three)

 My Stubborn Maid

(She Is Mine)

Chapter Three

By Monisola

Don't tell me you wanna wear that cloth.

Yes, why not?
Skylar you can't wear the cloth and am not going to allow you to wear it.

Trust me Jenny am not going to change that wardrobe of mine... Let me wear my oversized cloth in peace.

Jenny...let her be, no matter how you tell to stop wearing all those big cloth.. she won't answer. "Drake said" .

Skylar, I gotta go... but I will come back early to see you off to your new working place..

Jenny stay with us, don't yet go..
No am going.

Okay let me see you off,and Drake go and prepare what we gonna eat for dinner.

"No, Skylar" you prepare it yourself.
You better do what I told you to do.

After I see Jenny off. Drake was sleeping on the couch.

I went to the kitchen to check maybe there is food on fire.

Drake!! You this ass hole. I told you to cook, you don't!
Aut here you are sleeping like a hungry buffalo.

Do you want a death wish?
Orrgh Skylar, am trying to get some sleep here. And you are disturbing me.

You... Yo..u.. "I draw his ear"
Ouch Skylar you are hurting my innocent ear, I will go and prepare the meal.

Can you just leave my hurting ear.

I leave his ear, But i made sure I pulled it hard...but not that hard.

"Hungry and angry gorilla"!! He shouted.
Do you want me to come over and bite your ear!
No!!, Do you want to turn me into your meat??

because I know that, it's not only my ear you are going to bite..
"He shouted". Whatever, I yelled.

The next day
The sound of my alarm wake me... But why was the sound so loud.

I opened my eyes and I saw Drake holding the alarm.

" I thought you were dead" He said.
Drake what are you doing here?

You were not coming out of your room, and I decide to come wake you up.

Drake what's the time? "7:00"
And you start your work at 8:00 ...

Drake, have you prepare a meal??
" No, how do you expect me to".

I just woke up, and come to your room to wake you up... Straight away... Gosh, you are a fool.

You gave me a knock!
Gosh.. you are wicked.

After waking you up..
"All you did was.. to give me a hard knock on my head".

I ignore him, and run to the bathroom.. to brush my teeth.

After that..I run to the kitchen to prepare some pasta...

Drake, "make sure to put your eye on the food". I wanna have my bath

Skylar p.o.v

Me, Jenny with brake are now inside the house... Should I say heaven?

We are inside the house where am gonna start working.

Drake decided to follow me, but I said he must go to school... But he insists on following me.

And I decide to allow him.

A girl came outside the house and said.. the new maid is only allowed to come inside.

Jenny, you guys have to go.. and Drake I will miss you two.
Drake I will find one way or the other to come and see you every two days okay?

"What about me"?
Jenny asked.
And you too.

I give them a hug...
"Bye" they both wave at me..
Bye I waved at them too.

"This way" The strange girl said.

Wow, the house is so beautiful...gosh have never see this type of house before.

I guess the woman must be fucking rich. This will be your room.

And am the head maid here.

But you will be our senior head maid since you are the personal maid.

"And brake did not tell me that this is my job".

A personal maid? I mutter to myself.

Excuse me.. what do you just say?
"Not you ". I replied.

Let me take you to your room.
what is your name please?

Oh sorry for not telling you my name is "Ariana" ok

Wow is this my room.
I mutter in surprise...
"Yes.. are you surprise"?

Yes.. actually I thought the maid are sharing a room.

No.. we maid are given a room each.
But yours is the biggest since you are the senior head maid.

Okay! But you will be the personal maid of the boss and his sister.

What do you mean??
I thought the boss is Mrs Williams.

No.. your boss is ...
Ariana.. the boss wants his new personal maid to serve him... "Coffee'

Okay... Come, put on this cloth... And you can't wear this your big cloth.

"What happen to it" this is what am going to wear.
She just looked at me.

"Ariana let me make the coffee it is my job right"?

Then be fast in wearing your cloth.. because the boss gets angry easily..

Okay, I will be fast in wearing it.
After wearing the cloth. I met Ariana outside the door

She took me to the kitchen, and I make the coffee.

The boss is in his study room.
And she lead me.

"Good luck" she said.
Before I could reply her, she already walks away.

"I took a deep breath and knock on the door".
After knocking it thrice no reply, and I opened it.