My Stubborn Maid (She's Mine Chapter One)

 My stubborn maid

(She is mine)

Chapter One

By Mo Ni so la


The sound of that damn alarm starts singing.

I stretched my hand off to turn it off.
I get down from my bed...
And ran off to the bathroom to do the girlish stuff...

Oh.. let me introduce myself before I forget.
Like you all know, my name is orphan with one little brother.
Am 21 by age.. why my little brother is 16.
Yes he is my little brother.

I think that enough for now.
I made my way to our little kitchen to make some food.
. After am done cooking it..

Won't that big head, wake up from his sleep.
I went to his room.. and I saw him still sleeping.
Hey, hey .. wake up.
"I want to sleep" he mutters..
Get up, I shouted giving him a knock on his head..

"Ouch, my head" he said standing up..
Do you want to bring the house down with your scream..
Then he started laughing..
You and this your baggie cloth.

"How many times I have told you never to laugh at my sweet cloth" huh...
He ran out of the room when he sees the deadly look on my face.

"Come here" I shouted while chasing him.

You look like a hungry man chasing a lion.. he shouted.
I decided to leave him.. when he ran back to his room.

"Yes that is the truth facts"..I usually wear big cloth.., to the extent that you will be able to see my butt and boobs..

Fast forward it

"Good morning ma'am"..
I greet the wife of my boss.
How are you doing Skylar..
Am fine ma..
I quickly went to my post.

"Skylar" Jenny my one and only friend call my name..
Jenny, you came early today...; I know Jenny she is not that type to come earlier than the usual time we are suppose to come..

Yes I came earlier.. because of what madam pat said yesterday.


Yes, don't you remember..
I don't.. Skylar she told us that Mr Brian is gonna come here with his younger sister to eat.

Really?? Yes..
Is that why you came early..? Yes..
I can't believe you..
Skylar what do you mean..the almighty Brian is coming here.

And so!! "I can't wait to see him"... She giggled to herself..
Orrgh Jenny can you stop smiling to yourself... You look like sponge Bob.

Skylar!! "You are"

I turn to look at her.. what??
Then everywhere was silent..
Huh... Then I saw many guards trooping in"...

Then I saw him... The handsome angel holding his beautiful sister...

"Skylar" madam pat called me.
"Serve him this".