Melting Lucifer's Heart (Prologue)


Melting Lucifer's




What becomes of you when the most ruthless king of hell falls in love with you on Earth

But to gain his revenge he has to sacrifice you Will he ?

In hell , Damian is known as the most brutal and merciless king of hell

He commands fear in his people and rules with iron hands

He also has a gift which he hates so much 7 young strong men of the kingdom stands up against Lucifer ( Damian) and temporarily transport him to earth

Damian wants to return and pay them back but he needs the blood of a pure innocent heart to return

Meanwhile there is another way for him to return which is to understand what it's means to love and sacrifice

He wishes to choose the first way ,but while searching for that person with a pure and innocent heart will he change ?

Ariel is a young beauty who suffers from the hands of her stepmom after her mom's death find out what becomes of Lucifer Don't miss out ,it's gonna be a blast...