Lucifer’s Adversary (Chapter 9)


Lucifer’s Adversary (Chapter 9)

Virginia - I grabbed her arm and pulled her along until we caught up with others and trailed into the helicopter, Rully kept giggling through the ride, guess it was her first time on-air.

I too enjoyed it but I was curious as to where we were heading to, we slowly left the cities and drifted into a hilly and quiet area with woods, I could see it from the Air.

To my surprise, the Helicopter began to land and I spared Rully a glance but she seemed too excited to notice or even think of anything.

Finally, the Helicopter landed in a spacious area and we all jumped down to see that more than ten carts with harnessed horses stood awaiting us, we all got down and it picked a ride.

"Don't tell me this is the place we're settling?" I said loudly but no one replied, after a long ride, the carts stopped before an odd looking home and we all hopped down.

"Those carts don't belong to the Nuns too" Rully whispered in my ear as we walked toward the house.

"Why do I feel so strange?" I whisper back and she shrugged.

The area was like an ancient surrounding, something I always read in books, i never really thought that places like this still do exist and to crown the matter worse, it was as quiet as a graveyard, you could only hear the chirping of birds and the hooting of owls.

"The towns part of this area is not as quiet as this" our Leader —the lady who had spoken to me earlier— butts in and I ran along to meet her.

"What's this place called?" I asked

"Darken" she says simply and I raise a brow "Darken territory" she added.

"You've been here before?"

She nods.

"So...what you said earlier, you mean the town is busy with people?" I asked and she nods again.

"Could you take me there later?"

she looks at me and smiled.

"Fine" she says simply and walked ahead of me while I stopped to look around, Rully caught up with me and I huffed.
"I feel so ooooooodddd" I drawled.


"Ariz!" I heard sharply in my head and I immediately stood from my throne, taking the walkway to the Master's quarters.

Reaching his room, His heavy and large door makes a rolling noise as I slide it to one side with all my strength and a dark light curtain welcomes me...

I've never seen how the Master's bedroom looks like because he demarcated it from the door with a could only see the space before the curtain after the door but the main room was unseen.

I could see the standing shadow of his huge physique through the curtain, I cleared my throat before speaking up.

"You_ you sent for me Master" I stuttered with an unsteady voice but he didn't reply.

After a very long silence.

"I feel.....a strange presence" he growled with a deep masculine voice, counting his words, I just keep quiet because he seemed to not have finished.

"Verify it and bring it to me" he ordered and I bowed before leaving, sliding the door back.


"So what do you know about this place?" I asked our leader whom I just learnt bare the name, Tirana, I had asked her for a walk around this odd and strange-looking place and she agreed.

"Well from the years I have spent here, I knew this place is ruled by a demon lord"

I snap my head at her.

"Eh?" I asked surprised and she chuckles at my expression.
"True,, A demon lord rules the seven territories of D'hara, and Darken kingdom is just a headquarter...he sets seven princes to rule over each territory while He oversees them."

"Wow, I never knew of that, so that means we are in the surrounding of Demons then?" I asked.

"Not actually, not everyone is a Demon"

"Then how do you differentiate a Demon?"

"Well they have an Aura about them, don't worry, you'll know when you get used to it" she replied, patting my head.

As we walked, She pointed out a path by our right "That's the way to the palace, and its very far from here, you'll have to ride a whole day to get there" She explained but I was more eager to know how she ended up as a Nun after living in a place full of Demons.

" long have you been here?" I asked as we got to a rowdy place that i suspected to be the town.

"I was born and brought up here before leaving it for Swenland" I nodded continually, getting the gist of the whole thing.

The Town People greeted us with a nod as we walked by, Tirana showed me several Vegetables and delicacies which this strange kingdom had to offer.

They looked good in the Eyes though and normally I would have nagged Tirana to get me some but I was more bothered by something else, I suddenly tapped her and she paused.

"What did you mean when you said it may be my last time of seeing Mother Hannah?" I asked looking at her that I forgot to check out where I was going.

I suddenly clashed with something which made me fall back into a strong arm. I immediately looked up at the owner.

"Hello...Smoky Nunny"  TBC...