Lucifer's Adversary (Chapter 7)


Lucifer's Adversary (Chapter 7)

Virginia immediately sneaks away when she sighted the cops advancing and the men who didn't notice her approaching Hannah.

"Good Morning Mother" The one at the front greeted, Crossing his shoulders.

"How may we help you, young man?" Hannah asked politely. The man stretched out a hand behind him and one of his men places a photo on it.

"I'm Sergeant 254 and we are sure you know of this 18-year-old Virginia Bert who beat a Fraternity's son and Murdered a Cop...." He said stretching the photo to Hannah...but she didn't take it, she just looked at it.

"So what do I have to do with that?" She asked and the Sergeant sighed.

"We connected a tracker to her Cellphone which led us to the club opposite the church only to find out that the device was in the custody of a thief who claimed to have found it outside the walls of the temple, so we suspect you might have come across the face." He brought down his hand but Hannah still stared at the photo.

She contemplated on what to say...if she lied then it will be a sin on front of her sisters.

If she spoke the truth then the young girl would be killed...

"I don't know of that," she said firmly...
"maybe you can check somewhere else"

The Sergeant titled his head and stared at her for a long while "Thank you for your time Abbess" he says and crossed his shoulders before leaving...

Phew! That was so close, This was the last thing she has ever thought of doing...covering up for a guilty person...she's very sure that the cops will come back once they don't find the answers they wan, so she had to act fast before the Abbey is implicated....maybe she should take The girl to somewhere she'll never be found...she thought of the young man who had met with her last night....maybe she should consider his deal...she inhaled forcefully and exhales before turning back to meet the surprised gazes of her sisters but she ignores them and moved on...


Somewhere far from Swenland
A dark forest in the day...

The Devil's Adversary, The Master, The High Lord of Darken Kingdom, He is called Adonis.

He rarely comes out due to the power and Dark aura surrounding him.....

If People slump in the presence of his princes Then what about him...?

He suddenly materialized in the forest which always remained dar, whether day or night due to the shady tall trees and the dark aura of its owner...The Master's Forest.

He is very tall and huge, With nice glowing skin which glowed in the dark...His beauty is extremely mesmerizing and his four well-outlined faces is covered at the sides by his long, pitch dark and silk hair...

He bites his jaw as he walked gracefully between a tall role of trees in the silent forest.

Suddenly, he disappeared upon hearing the loud unsteady heartbeats of Humans and the Dragon - Lion creature appears in the sky, hovering above the trees just above a woman who was tied to one of them, squealing loudly that it echoed through the forest.

The woman who was tied to the tree shook and cried...she has been tortured till breaking, she had finally accepted the Witch Hunter's offer willingly but never did she knew that she was going to die...

Without warning, the creature appeared before her and slashed her throat with its long tail and her head flies off her shoulder..

The creature plunged its mouth into her exposed throat and sucked all the blood hungrily from it before it began devouring her flesh like the hungry and fierce lion...

"Ouch! Easy hurts!" I whined as Rully pressed the clothes soaked in hot water on the bruises in my face.

"Was I the one who asked you to fight with seven men?"

"I was defending myself from rape," I say rolling my eyes.

"Okay....Who took you there then?" She asked pressing the cloth hard on my nose.

"Will you just do your work perfectly and stop the interrogation?" I taunt and the door opens to reveal Hannah.

"Here we go again" I roll my eyes, she closed the door and leans on it, staring at me and I was forced to speak.

"I'd be sending a few sisters on pilgrimage" she replies.

"Oh yeah?, then how does that got to do with me?"

"Well because you'd be tagging along with them"

"What?!!, No, I ain't going for no f`cking pilgrimage" I yelled and she moves away from the door to stand before me..

"Did you see the police?" She asked and I eye her, looking away..

"They came here using the cell phone I threw away yesterday, it was tracked and if only I didn't get to make you dispose of it, then we'd have been implicated!!" She yelled back and I looked at her shocked, my phone was tracked??

"Look, despite your behavior I care a lot about you and I believe you'll change but I can't let the Abbey go down the drain" she adds and I just stare at her.

" there any...vibes in this place?, like parties, drinks..... Fun?" I asked and she snaps her head at me, obviously looking shocked while Rully choked.

"What is wrong with you little girl?" She asked resting her arm on the wall.

"Answer my question" I growl.

"Anyway...yes there are lots of vibes there but sorry to say, the inhabitants are very strict and I believe you'll be well dealt with, maybe you'd change," she says and for the first time, her lip curved in something like a smile but it's a smirk...I stared at her with parted lips...