Lucifer's Adversary (Chapter 2)


Lucifer's Adversary (Chapter 2)

On getting home to have a nice and fresh bath, I saw mom leaning on the large exit door of the living room and I wondered why she was back from work so early.

Her face looked like she could squeeze the life Outta me once I get to her, on sighting me, she crossed her arms on her chest as I got closer, though i knew there was trouble but I just acted like nothing happened

"Hi Mom, back early?" I questioned getting to her but she didn't reply, I instantly reached for the door sweeping pass her but she gripped my arm and pulls me back.

"Holy shit Mom!" I cursed.

"What have you done again Young Lady?"

"What did I do again old Momma?" I Snapped, releasing my arm from her grip and she let's go.

"When are you ever gonna stop this attitude of yours?" She asked calmly.

"Don't know" I replied simply, trying to pass her again but she still draws me back.

"You are a lady for God first I thought it was just some child's stuff but the more you grow the more you get worse!" She chided but I acted dumb..

"What in heaven's sake have I done again to deserve this mother? I just wanna have my bath!" I yelled and she shows me a video on her cell phone which has traveled through social media.

"Now could you kindly explain this Young lady?" At first I was lost of words as I watched the video of the incident which happened few minutes ago when I beat the huge man to pulp, I fisted my hands beside me...who must have done this? Bastards!.

"Ugh! was just a kinda self-defense " I explained reluctantly..
"Huh, Self defense you say?, you know what?, if only you were not a bully i would have actually believed you but knowing who you are, I'm sorry to say darling that's you're not saying the truth" she brought down the phone and I make to pass her again but she didn't stop me this time.

"Well then suck yourself!" I muttered passing her, hoping she didn't hear me but she actually did.

"Excuse me?" She asked and I stiffened , she heard me!

"I said nothing mother" I yelled and took the stairs quickly to my room.


Virginia had freshened up and was making use of her phone upstairs, lying on the bed...her Mom had gone to the kitchen to prepare lunch since she doesn't plan on going back to the office for fear of unleashing anger on her staffs.

Yvonne who attended College in her second year had just returned from school, classes had finished for the day and she decided to come home rather than hang around especially with the news and video streaming online about her "Girl 'o' War" sister.

Just opening the door she perceived the scent of cooking and knew that mom was at home, she threw her bag on one of the nearby couch and was about to close the door when something obstructed it...she looked down to see a dark, military boot, tracing the boot to the legs and then to the face she shuddered and left the entrance immediately.

"My God!" She muttered, staring blankly at the man on a cop uniform before her.

"This is Sergeant 254 speaking and this surrounding is under invasion" The man spoke into a walkie talkie which echoed in the house.
He walked fully into the living room and that was when Yvonne had the time to see the fleets of army cars outside the house, God she didn't lock the gates!

Many more cops walked into the house on an all black uniform and a bullet proof strapped on their chest which has their numbers on it...they were all wearing head protection so she couldn't see their faces.

Few Cops hopped on the stairs while some separated at several parts of the house, Mrs. Bert rushes out of the Kitchen to Bump into the view in the living room...She stiffened.... Virginia!!!

"Uhm....g_good day Sergeant" Mrs. Bert Greeted the Sergeant who turned to her and smiled...he seemed to be the social type.

"Good day to you too Mrs."

"Please is there a problem?"

"Oh...a tiny bit actually" he walked to the near couch and leaned on it, "We are on a search for one Miss Virginia Bert who had brutally beaten one Mr. Red Parker, Son of Fraternity Raul Parker" he said and Yvonne's palm swept to her mouth.

What!, Mrs Bert was tempted to say but she didn't wanna create a scene here...she knew Virginia beat up someone today but a Fraternity's son? Oh God!.

She placed her right palm on her forehead and paced the room...She Knew Virginia won't escape this one...the least they'll do is kill her immediately, but the fraternity will torture and inflict pain on her until she looses it..

"Uhm Sir is there anything we could do...An apology, payment?" Yvonne questioned and the sergeant looked at her surprised...

"Who are you to fucking wanna pay a fraternity?, besides Mr Red is in serious pain with bandages over his head and he wants a revenge so he won't accept an apology" He explained and Mrs Bert knew it's of no good negotiating so she and Yvonne just anticipated, looking up at the stairs for when the Cops will drag Virginia out with a hand cuff, hope she doesn't fight back or else they'll shoot her without delay knowing the kind of girl she is.

Finally Foot steps resounded on the stairs as the men climbed down but to their surprise they weren't with Virginia.

"Sir! we couldn't find her" One of them reported.
"What do you mean you couldn't find her?" The Sergeant asked as Mrs Bert looked from the Sergeant to the cops while Yvonne just stayed in her position.

"Sir we've searched all the room...every nook and cranny but she's not there"

The Sergeant shoots Mrs. Bert a deadly look before hurrying up stairs, some men follows him while some stayed behind.

Busting into all rooms he searched and searched and couldn't find her. but one room stenched with Cigarette smoke and Alcohol and he suspected it to be that of the hooligan.

The sheets were rough like someone had hurried out of it and there was a cell phone on the floor, he picked it up and though it had an unlock code but with his skills, he worked on the phone and unlocked it instantly, dialed a tracking code and activates it...if she ran away she'll surely come back and pick her phone, he smirked and led his men out of the room.


Meanwhile, Virginia was still on her bed when she had heard the sound from the walkie talkie and she instantly knew that she was been searched for, she immediately got up from the bed and in her rush her phone fell down but she didn't care.

Looking down one of her windows, The cops where everywhere down there, she hurried to another window which faced the fence directly with a narrow path below it and trails of cactus plant...luckily there was only one cop standing on the path.

She looked for something which could create an audible noise and she found a metal spoon beside her bed....she threw it at the farther end of the path and the cop walked slowly toward the spoon, she immediately took the opportunity and ties a rope which she always kept in her room for cases like this on her window panel and then she abseiled down and landed behind the cactus.

The cop heard the noise and walked toward to cactus slowly, he didn't see the girl but he saw the rope and was still looking at it unaware when the girl immediately stood u, grabbed his gun and threw it across the fence.

He made to punch her but she held his fisted arm and turned him around swiftly, his arm snapped and she crossed her other arm round his neck and choked him to death.

She laid him on the floor slowly so as not to make any loud noise and hopped on the fence running away instantly.

I roamed round the street like an hopeless insane idiot...smoking and stopping by to sit in bars.

In the last bar I sat on, the news suddenly turns on announcing the death of a cop which was killed by an eighteen years old girl whose name was Virginia Bert..., wait what?!.

I turned to the TV screen to see my photo on the screen and the news continued that I had beaten up a fraternity's son to a pulp..... oh a fraternity's son indeed, I don't care! They're not even ashamed to say a thing like this to the public...I looked away from the screen but I stiffened when I heard it saying something about a bounty! A goddamn bounty! I guess I have a huge sum of money on my head now.

I immediately stood up and walked slowly out of the bar only to pick up a run outside...On reaching home, I was more careful to see if it was clear of the cops before going inside through the open narrow entrance of the gate...

Yvonne sat on a couch inside and it seemed she had cried a lot, she looked at me with surprise as i walked pass her to my room.

Mom sat on my bare bed, her eyes filled with tears also.
"So you are really into murder now huh?" She asked calmly the instant she saw me.

"Mum i didn't mean to...." my voice faded when I saw my empty room, the room that was once stuffy with my things lying around carelessly was now purely empty apart from the bare bed. I turned to my wardrobe...empty!

"Mum where are my cloths?"

"They are no longer here" she answered immediately.

"What, why, where are they?"

"I burnt them all" she answered, still calmly seated on the bed.

"Why would you do a thing like that!?" I flared up.

"Because we are moving out and you wouldn't need them anymore"

"Gosh mom, you're speaking eldar right now and I can't understand anything"

"You will soon dear"
"But why?"
"There's a bill on your head young lady, anyone who sees you will report to the cops, so you need to be in a place where no one will find you because if they do then you're dead!".

"But I like it here mum and I don't wanna leave this city" I protested as she got up and walked toward me with a smile.

"And you won't leave it...." She said calmly.

"I won't?, yes thank you mommy," I said happily but she remained silent, just smiling sadly.

".....Because you'd be staying in the City's Abbey with the Nuns" She added and I instantly paused my Jubilation.
"Nuns?, wait what!?"