Watered My Heart (Chapter 3)


Watered My Heart

Chapter 3

 Written By Authoress Favour

Alex pov -  i got home with My head 'banging like there is the party going on there’ i enter my room remove my sneakers trowing them in a different direction
i undress and went to the bathroom turning on the shower
i still can not belive my eye honestly .. a ‘’GIRL, how can she be so strong to even lift me up "huh‘’ by the way she has a sexy back side i smirk.......
alex you are crazy my mind tell me

i wish i saw her face... anyways thanks to you where ever you are
i strech my hand pick the towel and tie it around my waist and step to the room dried my hair ...went to the shelf pick my body cream and rub,i always find it funny when ever i heard them saying am girlish..... i walk to the dressing room pick my night robe and wear,stepping out and fall on the bed ...
one hours later i can't sleep a wink why can't i stop thinking of her ..i stood up press the intercom almost immediately my pa is here actually not to me anymore he is now like a brother to me he is the only one except from my sister 'Rose' that understand me his name is Freddie
'on your way to pick me up earlier did you happen to see anyone actually a girl on your way?.. i asked him.
'no sir ’he replied
you can go.......

💙Angel pov🌹

i was sitting on a roof top actually it my favourite spot cause it the higest in our area .,i can clearly see everthing going on arround and most exspecialy cause it silent here...,i came here every night to read and to see big big houses afar ,i usually spend three to four hours there before going home well it the only place i felt comfortable
hehehehehe i laugh, if my mom knows am out of the house am dead i usaully make use of my room window thou. i jerked to reallity when i heard gun shot i discover two cars running the one at back black colour fireing at the one at the front white colour ,i don't think have ever held gun shot in reality except in my dream let forget about that for now. suddenly the door of the car at the front open and a guy jump out of it and start running they are just two street to away from me the other guys from the black car also run after the guy then i saw him in the same street i am, he run to the cornner of the house am sitting on it roof ..., exactly down to where am sitting

Oh No they will caught him,i stand on my feet immidetely jump down to the window drag him up to the window then the roof ..... i pick my things and start leaving, time to go home i felt eye at my back but i jump to the ground walking home i don't need his appreciation..,i don't know why i help him thou.....,well just feel like ,by the way what the guy eating that make him as heavy as that 'huh" .,Am already in front of the house i walk to the back fence jump there then to my window making no noise well i land on my bed.....,

it one of the worker here that thought me skills whenever no one is at home his name his 'Colt' according to him. His father a military official thought him martial art and some skills before he died i felt sorry for him cause he is orphan his mom died while giving birth to him and he is cute and cool,i think i like him or didn't i ??
i stood up undress and take a quick shower ,wear my night and fall on bed....,i just hope i pass the scholarship exam i can't wait to be a student there living in hostel,away from home, away from all this chores , meet new friends oh my gosh.

the only friend i have here is sharon we work in the same cafe my crazy girlfriend, i tnink crazy as me she also sit for the exam is just that i will be in singing department while she will be in modelling department ,am working to support my schooling there while she just doing it for fun at the end she hands me salary, her parent (mr and mrs waliton)are rich and they treat her right unlike mine but they most not know she doing that kind of job. she has introduced me to her parent and they always show me love anytime i went there they promise to sponsor my education but i don't want to be a burden to them so i continue working at the cafe to safe more. My only problem right now is will my parent allow me to go ???. i won't tell them till the result is out .......,cause i can't wait to be a student oxford it gonna be fun..........