Submissive (Chapter 1)



Written by: Moye Esther

Chapter 1✍️

Dolly, a woman of courage.

Ladies tremble at the mention of her name. Men cower at the sight of her. She's beautiful, every men dream but can only remain at that. She's 20 years old, height 5'7, caramel skin.

Oval shaped face with slightly pinked lips to complement her face. Brown eyes and shiny black hair. She's an epitome of beauty which she uses to her advantage. Dolly took off the last piece of clothing on her as she entered into the tub. She just returned from her mission.

Probably the twentieth that month. A smirk remained on her lips as she recalled how the man was begging her. She kills for a living and she's proud of that. She loved the expression of terror as the man begged for his life after seeing her initials D.Y written on her leather suit but of course, she never visited someone without taking his or her life.

She remained in the bath tub for a while until her tensed muscles completely relaxed. She came out stark naked, ignoring the towel as she walked to her room. Getting to her room, she saw her mum in her room beside her wardrobe, picking out clothes for her.

When are mum finally noticed her appearance, she was done picking the cloth. Dolly grimaced as she saw what her mum picked out for her. It was what she disliked the most, a dress. She faced her mum with an accusing stare. "Mum", she drew the name intentionally, though she knows how much her mum hates it.

"You really had to do this tight"? She asked smugly, loving the look on her mum's face while trying to hide her smile. Stephanie, her mum frowned as quickly as she smiled. "Wear this, we're visiting my mum". She said, leaving the room to her daughter.

Dolly scoffed as she fell on her bed. She knew her mum had won this time. She dare not wear trouser to her grandma's place or hell will break loose. She cussed silently as she dressed up, putting on the same dress her mum picked out for her Down we go", she muttered to herself, going out of her room.


Evan shrieked in fear as he got startled by his brother, yet again. His brother loved startling him but Evan, being a scaredy cat always fell for it. His brother, Charlie laughed as he saw his younger brother's terrified face.

Evan, even at age 22 still got scared easily, making him an easy prey to his 25 year old brother. Evan regained his composure and left his brother to the living room. He didn't have the strength to fight his brother. He always didn't have the strength to.

The only one that can help is Abella, his 19 years old sister. She wasn't home that moment and so he's left alone with his jerky brother. Sitting down on the couch in the living room, he took the remote and switched the tv on.

Changing the station, he settled for the one he preferred. His favourite show was going on. Charles came to join him, intentionally moving closer to him. "Let's see football", he whispered to his ears. He knew Evan can't say no. He is really submissive. "I really want to see this show", Evan replied, still focused on the tv. "C'mon.

Change it. You'll love it", Charles coerced with little emotion in his voice. "Fine". Evan said, changing the station while Charles grinned triumphantly. He knew his kid brother will always yield to another. Evan remained grumpy as he saw how much his emotion was being played but he couldn't do anything about it.

That's just how he is. Charles, noticing Evan's sour mood collected the remote from Evan and returned the station to Evan's show. He knew how much Evan loved that show but he had wanted him to put up a fight. Charles stood up picking his keys in preparation to go out.

"Don't let anyone take advantage of you. Always try to put up a fight". He said to his brother. "Thanks", Evan murmured beneath his breathe.

"Tonight is the day for the family dinner", Charles said, rushing his words like he wanted to say something else then paused, "and you must be there", he concluded leaving Evan to himself and went out.