Revenge (Prologue)


Revenge (Prologue)

This story is all about a girl named Yong, Yong is a lady who comes from a wealthy family, she has a younger sister named Mee who hates her with all passion but Yong loves her despite the fact that she hates her, Mee hated her sister because she thought their parents love Yong more than her.

One day Mr. Jun Pyo, one of the politicians, told Mee to kill her parents and her sister but Mee refused. Then Mr. Jun Pyo told her if she killed her parents and her sister all the properties of her parents would be her own, she agreed to do the job.

She killed her parents but somehow Yong escaped.
Now, what will Mee do, or Will she be able to realize that her sister had eloped?

Will Yong Avenge Her Parents' death?
Will she be able to succeed or once again fate will give her a hard time?

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