My Stubborn Maid (She’s Mine Chapter Two)

 My Stubborn Maid

(She Is Mine)

Chapter Two

By monisola

"Serve him this"....
Madam pat..who do you mean?? Mr Brian.
Mr Brian?? Skylar just go and serve him and stop asking me those stupid questions.

Okay ma'am.
Skylar.. be careful!!!...; That was Jenny voice.

I took a deep breath, and walks towards his table.
Upon getting there, I fell down.. and boom all his order came crashing on his head....
Skylar you are dead!!
What the fuck!!!!!...
Am angelic voice said...
That was Mr Brian voice.

I stood up, and I heard some one chuckled.
So it was you.

Yes it was me.. I was the one who make you fall down by putting my legs on your way getting to serve me and my brother. "She replied me in a whisper"
That was Brian sister voice.

You this little demoness..
What if I tell your brother??
Trust me he is not gonna believe you... "She said with an evil grin".

Hey you.. " Brian called"

What?? After you this lowlife poured this thing on me!! You still have the guts to answer me rudely.

I didn't answer you rudely..
I only said ; what.
You know what?? You're fired.
I burst out laughing..
Gosh! You are funny..
I am fired?? I can't believe you...

Fast forward

Hey you!! You this silly idiot.., you bloody fucking silly, grumpy guy..
Come here, come out...

Are you really going...
Please.. please.
That was me screaming..
I am really doomed, he really fired me.

When he told me, that am really fired... I thought he was joking, how can I get fired... When he is not my boss.

But here I am ..
Madam pat really fired me, after working here for almost three years...

Mr Brian come here!!
The little demoness was laughing at me...

There were in the car..
I was chasing the car..
I can't really run again.

Then I screamed this "Mr Brian, don't pray that we should crossed paths.
Because if we, you will regret getting me fired.

I ran back to the restaurant..
I go straight to her office.

Madam pat... please can I continue working here??
You can't Skylar, you are fired.

But why?? "That's what mr Brian said" she replied
Please ma'am..I promise to work harder.

You see Skylar, Mr Brian owns this place..
What!! I shouted.
Thank you ma'am..
I walk out of her office.
Jenny am going home..

"Skylar am so sorry"
I will come over to your house after working hours. "okay"?


Skylar p.o.v

Where am I going to get another job huh.

That jerk!! I will make sure he regret getting me fired, in one way or the other.

After getting home.
I prepare some food for myself and my brother..

Because he doesn't joke with food.

After eating,I watched some movies and I slept off.

Fast forward

"Who is that idiot Playing music"?
The sound of the music was so loud that I woke up from my sweet sleep.

I sat up ready to kill the person.. who is playing the music.

And I saw Jenny and my brother dancing crazily with drinks on their hands..

Would you guy's stop playing the stupid music... "I yelled "
Finally she has woke up.
That was Jenny.

Hi sis... you were sleeping on the couch that I almost thought you were a log of woods.

Drake, do you want a death wish??.
"Good news"! They both chorus

What is it?? I asked with anger..

I loose my job, where am I going to get money to take care of Drake.
Money to pay house rent and money for Drake school fee.

And they were here screaming
"Good news".. Skylar we've got a job for you.

You both?? Actually Drake was the one who got the job for you.

Which job is that?? I asked feeling relax.

You are gonna work as a maid.

A maid?? Brake you got me a job to work as a maid..

Don't you know, I will have to leave you all alone.

I will not have that time I want to have with you, I won't work as a..

They both interrupt me
"You are getting paid with $ 100,000 monthly..

What do you just say??
You are getting paid with $100,000 monthly.

I let out a joyful scream "thank you so much brake, I so much love you.. I hugged him.

You wanna kill me with that body of yours..
I hugged him.. like he is gonna run away.

Skylar, what about me??
You are not going to give me a hug?
"No"! I shouted.

I pulled her into a hug.
Thank you girlfriend.

Skylar.. what??
You're starting your work tomorrow.

"Wow" I can't wait.
Orrgh, or you can't wait to collect your pay. That was brake.

Whatever.."I mutter"
But wait.. whose house an I getting to work as a maid.
I turned to brake..

Do you really want to know the person?

Actually, the person is a woman.
"Mrs Williams"
That's her name..

Skylar.. you have to change your clothes.. "Jenny said"
Huh?? Don't tell me you are wearing that cloth.