Melting Lucifer's Heart (Chapter 1)


Melting Lucifer's Heart (Chapter 1)


In hell, far far away from earth, Lucifer ( Damian) could be seen brutally having sex with one of his female servants, pls am begging stop " she screamed
shut up you bitch" he replied giving her a hard slap on her cheek
arrgh" she screamed on the bed crying seriously shaking her head
just shut the hell up you bastard"
for about 20 minutes he continued till he poured inside her

she fainted immediately due to the pains
Lucifer stood up from the bed putting on his clothes
" guards take this thing out " he shouted as they fearfully carried her away
am Damian, the king of hell, well my people prefer calling me Lucifer
am ruthless and merciless

can I tell you a little about myself
I became like this after my mother's death
my father was the king of hell, he was so wicked and had no mercy on anyone who dared or disobeyed him. people really hated him including me

when I was 8 my father would always beat up my mom even in my presence
my mom was a loyal wife to dad
nobody even supported her or stood up for her including her own family
they were all afraid of my dad
a faithful day dad beat up my mom till she fainted. she kept on receiving treatment for more than a month

mom died during the course of her treatment leaving me behind with only my dad
I was there on her death bed
she held my hands speaking slowly with pains in her voice

"Damian my child pls don't ever be like your father. be a good man who will love and cherish his wife and children, " mom said with tears in her eyes

I sat down beside her crying
"mom why are you saying this "
I was still a child then but I knew I really loved my mom so much
she was my friend, mother, sister .she was everything to me
I had no friends when I was a kid
because dad kids of my age were always afraid to become friends with me I was all alone and mom was my comforter
they all thought I was like dad

Promise me, Damian"

this was mom's last words on her death bed
I cried seriously for days without stopping
I was handed over to my brutal and wicked father whom I was scared of
for years he made my life miserable, he showed no single love for me
he trained me to become like him
he grew worst as days went by .he made so many people suffer more
he installed fear in the people including me.
years passed, I started planning on how to kill my own father
I had become so brutal and merciless just like him

I had forgotten the promise I made to my mom on her death bed

I became worst than my father after his death
I made more people suffer. I rules with an iron. hand and made the people fear me more.
those who conspired to kill me or dethrone me were either imprisoned for life or killed like animals by me

with so much power, I became so powerful.
from birth, I was gifted with the power to heal
I hated it so much, I want to kill people not heal them

I really want the power to control and command fire or thunder .that would be better
for years I neglected my power because I had no use of it .or no reason to use it.
my servants rushed in dressing me up. I stood still as they all bowed. they dare not make any mistake or I'll feed their eyes to the vultures
far far away from hell
the morning sunshine on Earth .as people carried out their daily activities
some on their way to work, some at home, some shopping
Ariel could be seen getting flogged by her stepmom and sisters
they all had so much hate for her. including her father

her father blamed her for the death of her mother
but she knew it was not really her fault. her mother lives her so much.
"mom pls forgive me, it was a mistake," she said crying

"mom? don't you ever call me that again "
"do you want me to die like your miserable mother '

Ariel could not do anything even with the way her stepmom and step sister insulted her dead mother

she couldn't do anything so as to avoid being punished the more
after collecting a hundred Stokes from her stepmom and stepsisters she weakly stood up heading toward her room with tears
while they laughed at her.
"foolish girl " one of her stepsisters shouted
"make sure you wash all my clothes and underwear neatly or I'll deal with you"
she looked back and saw her stepmom smiling.

"mom, you promised to watch over me," she said in tears while struggling to sit down on her bed

At night she wasn't given any food to eat as she still had many chores to do
she obeyed every single instruction of her stepmom and younger sisters, and no matter what they did to her she still could not hate any of them

her younger stepsisters hated her so much mainly because of her beauty
she was as beautiful as a goddess, maybe more

her smile could melt people's hearts
Ariel was truly an angel

To be continued.......