Lucifer's Adversary (Chapter 5)


Lucifer's Adversary (Chapter 5)


"Seriously!!, did she really have to do That?" I yelled a bit but the girl remained unmoved.

"Yes...I can't be trusted" the girl says...I stood beside the door for a while then I leaned on it....crossing my arms on my chest..

"You know what? I find you very interesting, you're a complete opposite of me" I said smirking and she gets up from the bed..

"An opposite of you?" She asked.

"Yes you're quiet...minding your business and you seem to talk less" I explained and she smiles wildly "what is your name?"

"My name's Rully"

"Rully? what kind of a name is that?" I asked and she frowns. I realized I shouldn't have reacted that way.

"Okay didn't just say that, well I'm Virginia" I walked to the bed and sat on it, facing her.

"So where were you going to?" She asked.
"Nothing that concerns you" I said politely and she chuckles.
"If you wanna cope around here I suggest you make friends and I'm one who you can rely on"

"Okay fine I'm a smoker and I love stupor a lot so....wanna let me out?"..

"I wasn't the one who locked you here" she replied folding her arms.

"A friend indeed," I say sarcastically as I lie back on the bed...
"Okay shall we have a nice sleep?, maybe we could talk tomorrow," she said but I ignored her and closed my eyes, I could hear her lying down too.


Lord Arizona
Sitting in my normal position on the throne in a room which is right next to the Master's, Craig walked into the room with a little girl of eight years who slumped immediately she stepped into the room, but the Witch hunter stopped her from falling to the floor and he knelt before me with a bow.

"My Lord...This is the only witch I found this morning" he said and I grunt deeply as usual.
"Is this the one you discovered?" I asked
"N_No My Lord" he stuttered and I look at him...his head is bowed.

"Why Craig?"

"My Lord, bringing her here will take some time because like I said...she's very, very tough" he explains and I climb down the throne but didn't walk to him.

"How about the old witch?"

"She hasn't been broken My lord...but I'm putting in all my skills, in no time she'd gladly give herself to the master willingly," He says and i deep grunt again in serious thought.

"Leave!" I ordered and I could see him shivering as he gets up and retracts his steps but leaves the little girl behind...


Virginia woke up to the Sound of the very loud alarm which she didn't even notice from the first time she got into the room and to her surprise, it was right at the head of her come?

She took the alarm and peeked at it. The time was still 4am, she hissed and intends to disable the alarm so she could get back to sleep but she couldn't, the f`cking thing refused to stop...

She smashed it on the floor but it still didn't stop...getting up, she stood on it but it continued so she decided to ignore it and sleep, yet the noise couldn't let her.

Rully lay on her bed as if sleeping but mocked Virginia within her...Virginia finally got up and switched on the Room light to get a clearer view of her newfound friend but the later just slept soundly, then she tried doing same but still can't and that was how she sat on the bed angrily staring across space.

In no time, she heard the sound of keys, the door cracked open and Hannah walks in...Virginia looks away.

"Oh. You woke quite an early Virginia, far from what I expected" the woman says looming above her but Virginia ignores her...

"If you're gonna keep staying here young lady you must be decent and act decently," she says seriously but Virginia huffs and got up from her bed, heading to the door.

"Whatever!" She snaps before disappearing...Hannah looked a bit shocked at the girl's attitude but she knew just how to handle her...


After walking out of the room I climbed downstairs to the congregation hall and then left through the exit door...

It was really bustling and noisy outside despite the time, which was really tempting and what made it worse was when I heard the clinking of glasses together, I began to feel that itching in my throat once more....I really needed to gulp down at least two glasses of alcohol but I don't really know how to do that...

I stared back at the temple, then to the club opposite it and my brain instantly went anti-clockwise as I ran toward the club with my long gown.

Though I had actually come outside to take my cell phone but now I needed to take this chance I have now...

Finally reaching the club, I stepped in and the noise died instantly...People hissed and cursed which made me imagine what brought about the reactions...probably.....oh, they thought I came to preach to them, i smiled inwardly as I imagined how much they hate the preachings..

I took my seat but the attendant refused to come forward so I called him instead and he hesitated before slowly coming near me..

"Please I need the coolest alcohol that you have, Three bottles" I say loudly amidst the loud music and he looked at me shocked....I know it's weird though...walking into a damn club and demanding for alcohol.

"Won't you move?!!" I yelled at the Attendant who immediately scurried away...

He returned with the three bottles and a mug on a tray, I noticed the men in the club trace the Bartender's movement with their eyes.

There was a loud outburst in the room and everyone looked at each other shocked as I began to gulping down the content in the bottles no time, I was done with it and I ordered for more five bottles together with few packs of cigarettes which I used up immediately...I had really missed this and i couldn't really help myself..

I ordered and ordered for more bottles of drinks until I felt my head spinning...the men in the club mocked me, calling me all sort of names like Stupor Nun, Smoky Nunny and all other which escaped their mouths but like I care?

I made to leave but tripped and fell...just when I thought I was already on the floor, I realized I was in the arms of someone...I looked up and blinked rapidly as I slowly recognized the face irrespective of my drunk state.

It was the guy from the tavern who had talked to me about being a sex toy!..I frowned and make to stand straight but I tripped again.

"Woah, woah, easy will you?" He soothes but I forced myself out of his arms to sit on a seat...I sat back on the seat and watched him sit himself down too, he smirked and leaned in on the table.

"Smoky Bunny huh?, quite suits you a lot" he whispers and sits back...I frown deeply

"Call me whatever you wish, but that sure doesn't suit my personality" I scowled.

"Wow...even if she's drunk with feeble legs, her voice never softens...this is actually the first time you spoke to me and it is a really privilege" he smirked again and I huff.

" did you recognize me?"

"I can never forget that beautiful but aggressive face of yours"

"Are you stalking me?" I asked again

"Stalk?? That's the last thing I would wanna do...maybe nature just makes us bump into each other always" he says again and I groan standing up but this time I didn't trip...the strange man didn't say anything to me again.

But as I made to leave the hall, I got rounded up at the entrance by seven men.

"Hey what's the meaning of this ??" I asked staggering towards the man who stood right before me but he pushed me back and I landed on my butt instantly...

Before I could stand up a slap landed on my face and a hand tilted my chin up..."You are such a pretty girl and we...are going to show you pleasure....other than that sucking hole you get locked up in every day" the one who pushed me said, pointing to the Abbey.

"You wanna rape me??, please let me go!" I pleaded.

"Tsk Tsk little pretty smoky Nunny, That's a piece of talk for tomorrow..."