Lucifer's Adversary (Chapter 4)


Lucifer's Adversary (Chapter 4)

"Wait what??, There's no way I'm gonna put on this trash" I yelled throwing the Robe away and the old lady walked to me.

"Now listen to me Young Girl...I wasn't the one who placed you in the situation you are now...I wasn't the one who sent you to beat up a Fraternity's son neither did I teach you how to murder someone but your Mom called begging and I agreed because she's a consistent member...your type are not supposed to be here and you're not worth putting on that dress which you just threw away because you're filthy and full of dirt...people like you don't deserve mercy,, now if you still wanna live here and be alive, you put on that dress and come join the congregation downstairs but if you decide not to....Then the door is wide open for you to leave and I won't stop you nor Care where you head to because my sole concern is to protect the Abbey" The old lady said fluently and walked away, I matter how you trash hurtful words at me, you won't hurt me.

Speaking of the Fraternity, I immediately took out my cell phone from my pocket where I had slipped it and I leaned on the intentions were to browse about them to see how dangerous they really are...I typed 'Swenland's Fraternity' in my Cell phone and several suggestions popped up but I tapped on 'said fraternity in Swenland'.

Actually I always heard about this fraternity but I never really knew what they were in the country and now I've just learnt that they are an association of people who came together with one view of things to achieve a goal but then they faced challenges and oppositions which made them involve in occultism and the association slowly turned into an occultist group.

They worked in unity that when one of their members is challenged, they work with the angered member to do his wish..

Which means that I'm in a serious danger because by now all the members of the fraternity are against me too...they have eyes everywhere as they place citizens that can't be easily suspected as their agents and once their Victim is found they torture him or her till death.

Realization suddenly dawned on me...that's the reason Mum panicked a lot...if I stay with them I'll also endanger their lives ...A whole lot of the fraternity and the Cops!, God I'm in so much danger.

I stared at the Nun robe for a while...I just have to put it on, after all I won't last long here, I'll find a way to escape from all this.

I bit my lip as I took the robe and walked to a door which I suspected to be a bathroom and I changed into the robe..I must look so terrible now, I came out of the bathroom holding the dress up...'I'm sure going to fall in this dress' I thought as I left the hall and Went down stairs to join the congregation...

Darkness Loomed over the clouds as it rumbled...a Fierce lightening stroked and the rain started falling heavily..

It fell on the two young women tied tall shady trees as they shivered in cold but what made them shiver more was the presence they felt in this dark forest.

Though the witch hunter had explained to them that they should stay calm when everything happens but yet they couldn't help but be scared.

Situations worsened When suddenly a creature began hovering in the clouds above the tall trees, the creature squealed as the women looks up to see what looked like a dragon with the face of a lion hovering in the sky...

The creature looked very unattractive with it's curved long tail and large wings and a very huge face that looked like a lions face...

Suddenly the creature flew away and the shadow of a man lingered before them, they shivered instantly as they thought the master has finally arrived but within what seemed like half a second the shadow was out of sight and a hot breeze swiftly brush passes their faces that they yell in pain from a burning skin,,,in what seemed like another half a second a cold wind brushes them again and they felt terribly cold but before they could recover something slashes their throat as their heads fall from their body and within second the strange dragon-lion creature was before their beheaded bodies drinking the pumping blood from their half neck at once.

When the blood in their body was dried up the animal started feasting on their heads,,eating their eyes hungrily and finally gulping down the whole heads down it's throat before attacking the bodies once more and begins to feed on them.

In no time it was done with the meal and it stands on its hind legs and let's out a loud roar which echoed all over the place.
Holy! Holy!! Holy!!!
Finally all the prayers and singing in the congregation were over and it was finally dark..phew!! That was a very long day...

I walk boringly behind the Old Abbess whom I learnt that her name was Hannah but the Nuns called her Mother Hannah, Don't Care!

She stops before a particular door and stops to turn to me..
"Now listen young lady...I'm about to unlock this room which hasn't been used for a very long time and I don't wanna hear anything escape your lip,,just go in there and sleep" she warns.

"At least I'd have to bath" I ask creasing my brows..

"It's late young lady,,,,you have to sleep very early so you can wake up really early tomorrow" she says and make to unlock the door but stops when I yelled.

"What!! No way, I can't sleep early and i can't wake early either jeez!"

"Be warned!" She says simply and proceeds to opening the door...

I stopped halfway when I walked into the dark room...
"What's that Smell?" I scowl covering my nose with my palm and she snaps her head to me staring daggers at me.

"Did I say anything wrong?" I ask and she stares at me for a while.

"I'll get you a roommate" she says before shutting the door loudly..

God this room is smelling like hell, I use my hand to search for the light switch and when I found I immediately turn on the light but my lips part as I stare shocked at my surrounding....this room is far worse than my room at home,,rats scurried round the room and I almost fell in fear...God I hate rats!!!

The three rectangular narrow wooden beds of the where nothing to write home about and I already began imagining how I'd cope with it through the night.

I waited for Hannah while standing in one position and finally the door cracks open and a young Nun of about my age walks into the room.

Hannah follows behind and leans on the corridor while the girl spreads a clean sheet on two beds and lays herself on one...I watch her doing her work smoothly and lies silently..

"Aren't you doing same?" Hannah's voice broke the silent and I rub my forehead.

"Jeez is there no way I can have a cigarette?" I ask miserably and Hannah narrows her eyes at me.

"Get to sleep young lady" she says turning off the light and I slip out my phone and sits on the bed.

"Well maybe I should just log into social media instead" I couldn't see the look on her face in the dark but in flash the phone was grabbed out of my hand and thrown out through the open window.

"We live a natural life here young lady and we don't make use of those...this will be my last warning to you, sleep!!" She says sternly and walks out.

I tried sleeping countless times but just couldn't, I could hear the soft breaths of the girl on the other bed and I suspects she's far into sleep.
My lungs are itching for Cigarette,,,I'm thirsty for alcohol and extremely bored..

Getting down the bed and looking through the open window, there's a club house just opposite the Abbey.. I think I have some leftover cash, I could Buy a pack of cigarette and a drink and maybe retrieve my phone,,,yes! I'll do just that.
Walking to the door I place my hand in the door knob but the door didn't open, I tried again for the fifth time then...

"The Door's locked because she knew you'd wanna leave" the girl on the other bed says...