Lucifer’s Adversary (Chapter 10)


Lucifer’s Adversary (Chapter 10)

Virginia - What the f*ck?!" I screamed as I quickly caught my stand and took a peek at the man before me who had a smirk on his annoying face, it was the man in his thirties who had been pestering me.

"Seriously? Are you really stalking me Mr stranger?" I yelled standing akimbo and he crossed his arm on his chest.

"Why would I do that, don't you think I have so many other things to do than stalking a common girl?" He smirks.

"Oh really now?, I keep seeing you in every single place I go, who the hell are you anyway?"

"Well first of all....let's just say I came for a tour...." he says and twitches his lip while i raise a brow at him.

"....and secondly, my name is Craig, it's very nice to see you again milady," he says and bows elegantly, stretching out his right hand and crossing the left behind him, I just stared at him angrily.

"Well it's not nice meeting you" I blurt out and he looked at me through his lashes, standing straight..

"Then it's an honor to hear you say that Smoky Nunny, could you at least tell me your name?"

I ignored him and walked away, pulling Tirana along with me.

When I was sure that we were far from the idiot, I let Tirana go but then my eyes caught something...a young girl of my age was been dragged by men in heavy armor as she cried along...They pulled her to a cart and forced her inside and rode away..

I gazed at Tirana awestruck and she shrug.

"Well from what I learned, The Demon Lord abducts females but i don't really know what for and why" she says looking away...

"The weather here is very nice right?" she asked and I had the feeling she was trying to change the subject, maybe she's not comfortable talking about that.

"Yea it's....really nice"

"Unlike Swenland, you'll have to put on gloves and all that due to the cold whenever you wanna leave the Abbey, the weather here is warm with the sun peeking at us from above," she says looking up...

I noticed we took another direction from the last one and I look at her confused but she smirked.

"I thought you loved fun, I'm taking you to where you'd enjoy what they call fun" she says still smirking and I blink continuously.

I was dumbstruck as Tirana led us to another rowdy part of the town, but this part was more of clubhouses, taverns and so many other places for pleasure and fun, a smile snuck on my lip.

"I think I'm gonna love my stay here!" I shout amidst the loud music and Tirana Just smirked.

"You have the whole world in your hands now girl...enjoy it while you can, come here" she pulled me toward the side of a clubhouse and we stood there until a girl showed up and handed a sack to Tirana.

As I gazed around in wonder, Tirana began to untie her robe and I looked at her surprised.

"What the hell are you doing?" I asked.

"Changing," she says pulling it off and she's left with only her underwear, my eyes bulge in shock.

"Tirana there are eyes everywhere" I protest but she tosses a dress at me.

"No one will look at us... everyone is busy and you should be changing too" I looked at her and the dress...a very skimpy dress

"Uhh! I don't wear this stuff...I prefer baggy pants" I complain and she twitched.

"This club has a code of dressing," she says and I finally change quickly...

She smiles and leads me into the building from the back and that was when I realized that it was actually a stripper club.

"What Tirana?, I never knew you do stuff like this".

"Well know it now sweetie because you're speaking to a badass," she says smirking...     TBC...